This is the 2nd video of the 3-part video series on how to do proper keyword research with Google.

Here are the step-by-step guide with graphic instructions on how to do so:

1.  Go to

2.  As an example, we will again use the keyword term ‘used cars’  So enter this in on the Google search box.

3.  You will notice that every time you press the space bar after ‘used cars’ (or your keyword), more keywords keep popping up.

These are keywords that Google is suggesting to you and is informing you that these are also keywords people (your potential customers) are looking for, to find you or your business.  This is called “Google Suggest”.

The more you follow the keywords and press the space bar, the more Google gives you specific keywords.

4.  You can also find localised keywords that is targeted towards your local area (see graphic image below).

These keywords are literally ‘gold’.  Your business needs to focus on these localised keywords as they are keywords that your potential customers are looking to find you in your local geographical area.

5.  The more keywords you acquire from Google Suggest, the more targeted your (potential) customers are.  As a rule, the longer the keywords are the better for your business.  These long keywords are called ‘long tail keywords’.

So, what can you do with this information and why is this necessary or good for your business?  You may ask.

Well, your business or your website needs to focus on these ‘long tail keywords’ and you need to make sure that these are on your website.  If you do, your website has a good chance or ranking high on the search engines making it easier for your potential customers to find your website and your business easily.  You may not get a lot of searches the longer the keyword is, but you will find that your (potential) customer that uses these long tail keywords, are more willing to spend money and is a highly targeted prospect.

I hope this video and step-by-step instructions helped you in regards to doing proper keyword research on Google.  If there is anything else you need, please give us a call, or contact us and we are more than happy to assist you.


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