This is the 3rd part of the 3-part video series on how to do proper keyword research in Google.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do so in graphical format.

1.  Go to

2.  For example sake, we will again use the keyword term ‘used cars’.

3.  On the left hand side of the results, you will see a link that says ‘More Search Tools’ – make sure to click on it.

4.  Then it will show you more results.  One of them is a link that says ‘Wonder Wheel’ – please click on that as well.

5.  You will then see a graphical result of ‘used cars’ in a wonder wheel.

6.  Now, what you’ll need to do is to filter your ‘used cars’ result keywords into something more specific and niche.  You will find that out by clicking on one of the keywords shown.  In this example we will filter our results and let us click on the keyword ‘used car dealers’.

7.  The keywords ‘used car dealers’ showed around 15.5M results which is a lot of competition for you.  So we will filter it once more and we will click on ‘used car dealers gold coast’.

8.  This keyword showed 677,000 results in Google which has still a lot of competition that your business is competing with.  So, let’s filter it once more.

9.  We picked on ‘auto sales dealers gold coast’ keyword and found that it had 348,000 competitors for that keyword.  It is getting better but we still need to focus on the keywords with the least competitors in it so we can dominate that keyword online.

10.  We picked on ‘auto sales dealers gold coast Qld’.  This keyword is getting better as it is a long-tail keyword.  We found 97,300 results / competitors in Google so it is definitely getting much better.  However, let us try it again and see what else we could find.

11.  The keyword we picked was ‘auto sales dealers Surfers Paradise Qld’.  This is really good because not only is it a long-tail keyword, but it is also very localised to Surfers Paradise.  This results showed around 104,000 results.  It has gone up a bit higher but this means that there are also a lot of people looking for used cars in Surfers Paradise.  For this example, we will try again for the last time but certainly not the least.

12.  We picked the ‘auto sales dealers Surfers Paradise NSW’.  In the video, we thought that the word was ‘new’ and instead it was NSW, well you know what I mean.  Interestingly, this keyword showed 35,200 results in Google.  This is definitely easy to dominate online and if there are any used cars dealers in the Gold Coast, especially in Surfers Paradise who would like to dominate their presence online – this is one of the keywords they should use.

Now, you might ask again – what is good about this and how could I use this for my business?

Well, what you will need to do is to use these keywords that you find in Google Wonder Wheel for your website.  You will need to filter your keyword results just as it is shown on the video and this step-by-step instructions.  Find the keywords that are long tail and are local specific to your area.  You will experience that the keywords you find will be the ones that will help your website dominate your presence online.

If your potential customer happens to be searching and typing the same keywords that Google’s wonder wheel results give you and if you have properly optimised your website to rank high for those keywords, you will find that your website has a high chance of showing up on the first page of Google and other search engines results.

Have a look at the image below and you will find how many filters ‘used cars’ had just to target on a very niche specific geo-located keyword.

So, once again you will need to rank high with the keywords you will find or have found on Google’s results.

I hope this video and step-by-step instructions on how to do proper keyword research on Google helped you out.  If you have any questions, please give us a call or contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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